Meet The Team

Our Group of Seasoned Professionals

Adam Li


One of our most respected team members and principal, Adam Li is ready to take your case head on. They will serve as your trusted source of legal advice, professional representation and strategic planning. Adam is a recognised expert in Migration Law, Company Law, Property Law
Commercial Law,Family Law, Succession Law


Donya Safaeimanesh


Donya Safaeimanesh joined Oyllawyers early on and has been a critical asset to our firm ever since. They will be happy to answer your legal questions — don’t hesitate to be in touch.


Joanna Pycinska


Have a question or legal issue? Joanna is your expert, with years of proven experience and success in and out of the courtroom. Get in touch with them now.

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James Barbar


James completed a Bachelor of Laws at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2020. He enjoys problem-solving in various contexts and has a broad range of skills.  James is eager to take on a new challenges that will support this passion.


Shivam Mishra


Shivam graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Laws. He has also completed a Masters of Public Policy & Governance from UNSW. Honors in Intellectual property rights and constitutional law.


Elsa Yu


Elsa has graduated with Juris Doctor degree from UNSW and a Master degree with Management with international finance from University of Glasgow.